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Best blogs for a UI, UX and creative Frontend people 2022

Andrej Vajagic

Andrej Vajagic

05.05.2022, 16:52

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Best blogs for a UI, UX and creative Frontend people 2022

Having a favorite blog or magazine list is something which most of us have. It is usually an ever changing list, too. So let me share my personal favorite. There is a mix of a UI, UX and Frontend topics, which is perfect for designers and creative developers. But probably everyone else can find something useful here, too.

UI and UX

You need a magazine or blog to find inspiration, to solve some UI or UX problem, or to see latest trends. Check the list below and I am sure you will find what you are looking for.

1. Want to know UX secrets, check growth.design

Screenshot of growth.design

You want great UX case studies, to see what famous companies do well and in what they fail, and where they can grow and improve. All is done in such an amazing way, creative and interactive, but again simple. It is my personal favorite. growth.design.

2. You want amazing onboarding, check useronboard.com

Screenshot of useronboard.com

I know, if you are designer, you are already thinking that this website does not look good. But don't let the look fool you, it is an amazing one. I would even dare to say maybe the best one when it comes to user onboarding. There are so many case studies and great UX analyses from which you can learn a lot. useronboard.com.

3. Working on a website and need inspiration, go to awwwards.com

Screenshot of awwwards.com

The best place for finding inspiration when it comes to design and building a website. You can also find a great blog here. awwwards.com

4. You want to build a portfolio or a CV, visit bestfolios.com

Screenshot of bestfolios.com

Feeling stuck while working on a portfolio or a CV, you can get inspiration on bestfolios. It contains a big collection of portfolio websites and CVs. Not all of them are amazing, but there is something for everyone's taste.

5. For mobile UI and UX ideas, visit screenlane.com

Screenshot screenlane.com

You are working on a mobile app and are lacking ideas, design inspiration or want to solve some UX problem. Visit screenlane.com and see how others solve it. You can filter by screens, specific elements like Carousel for example, or by application type. It is a great place for mobile inspiration.

6. When desktop app inspiration is needed, the best place is collectui.com

Screenshot of collectui.com

When it come to applications on a big screens, there is no better place to get inspiration than collectui.com. You can filter by specific elements, too, for example file upload, and you can see how others solve that problem. There is no need to reinvent the wheel as smart people say ;)

7. As the name says, calltoidea.com :)

Screenshot of calltoidea.com

Similar as the previous one, it's a place where you can get ideas for a specific element on a page or app, like calendar, profile page, list and so on. calltoidea.com


You want to be updated on latest trends in the frontend and javaScript world, to learn something new or to brush up on some skill you lost over time, let me share a few amazing places where you can do exactly that.

1. You want weekly updates, well, there is one place called frontendweekly

Screenshot of frontendweekly the best place to have weekly updates on the latest and greatest in the frontend community is frontendweekly. It is a collection of articles grouped in few categories, where you will find something worth reading every week.

2. Multiple quality JavaScript articles at zellwk.com

Screenshot of zellwk.com Good JavaScript articles on multiple topics. Additionally, you can also find a lot of CSS articles. zellwk.com.

3. You all know it, but it needs to be here, smashingmagazine.com

Screenshot of smashingmagazine.com You have all heard about this as it is quite an old and good magazine. They cover everything: Design, development, and even business articles smashingmagazine.com.

4. You want to get the latest on css, then you all know the place to go, css-tricks

Screenshot of css-tricks You want to update your css skills or to get to know the latest trends, there is only one place for you css-tricks.

5. You want to do the same for JavaScript, visit davidwalsh.name

Screenshot of davidwalsh.name All about JavaScript (and some other topics) with a lot of good articles where you can learn new things or remind yourself of things you have forgotten over time. davidwalsh.name.

6. If you want some amazing animations and visual effects inspiration, visit tympanus.net

Screenshot of tympanus.net You will be amazed what you can find here tympanus.net. There is a great collection of animations and amazing effects, all in form of tutorials and easy to see code behind the effects.

7. Daily Dev tips on daily-dev-tips.com

Screenshot of daily-dev-tips.com You need daily tips, well as the name suggests, you need to visit daily-dev-tips.com.


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